A combination of kneading, rolling, friction, vibration and percussion are used during this popular form of massage. The goal is to promote and stimulate blood circulation. The many benefits may include muscle relaxation, promotion of healthy skin, improvement of blood and lymph circulation, scar tissue reduction, joint mobilization, boosting immune system function, reduction of stress and so much more. During the session, you may undress to your comfort level and properly draped at all times. Scented or unscented massage oil or lotion may be applied.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is a layer of connective tissue between muscles. When there is injury, scar tissue may be formed and cause restriction in terms of range of motion. During a session, light stretching will be applied to release such restriction. I will also focus on correcting your posture which alone can cause imbalance in your body. This modality can correct many conditions such as generalized muscle pain, joint pain, whiplash, TMD, headaches and more. I was trained and certified by Til Luchau, a Rolfer, of If you need more information, go to "Wikipedia" and do a search on "Myofascial Release". They explain it very well.